Creek’s Project BOV Truck

Now comes the really fun part – customizing your bug out vehicle with all the accessories you want and need to Get-out-of-dodge (GOOD) quickly and safely!

After adding door panels, and a used dash to the interior, Creek started mounting his bug-out supplies and accessories.

Using MagLite mounting clips, he mounted a MagLite flashlight (aka Beating Club) below the door panel on the drivers side.

Next, he added an overhead shotgun/AR rack as well as a pistol grip rechargeable spotlight. The light is from StreamLight and has a ton of uses in and out of a bugout scenario.

Mounted near the center of the truck on the lower dash, Creek put a thumb release Tornado Pepper Spray

In the middle of the truck, he mounted a Midland CB unit, as well as a fire extinguisher on a quick-release clamp

Lastly, for navigation to the Bug Out Location (BOL), Creek used a Ram Mount twist lock suction cup mount to hold his cellphone to the bug out vehicle’s windshield.

Creek recommends using an App that allows off-line navigation. He uses one called CoPilot GPS that doesn’t require cell or wifi connections and is not dependent on Google Maps – so as long as there are satellites in the air, he can navigate.

Creek bought a section of chain and padlock and uses the steering wheel lock the military had installed – large bolts hook the chain underneath the seat.

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