Earthroamer 4×4 Camper Vehicle

I’m on the search for an expedition vehicle that can do mild 4×4 trails, or travel on snowy roads, sandy beaches, without concern for getting stuck.

It needs to be reliable, as we plan on doing long-haul trips North to Alaska, and South to Utah and Nevada.

Plus, it needs to be be big, as we have 4 kids.

Preliminary searching turns up the Earthroamer Crew Cab pickup truck campers – and that’s all it took to get my gears turning.

The EarthRoamer has an air bag suspension kit by Kelderman. The rear kit costs around $3800, and the front is another $1400. Coupled with remote reservoir King shocks for $2000.

Here’s someone who has built a similar project on their own, starting with a 2004 F550. Their overall budget was $30,000. I haven’t watched all the videos yet, but they look entertaining and informative:

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