Time-Lapse Transformation Bus to Beautiful Tiny Home

This blog post discusses the incredible time-lapse transformation of a bus into a beautiful tiny home, as shown in the YouTube video “From Bus to Beautiful Tiny Home.” The video’s transcript mentions the excitement of the news and the progress of the bus conversion. The blog post also mentions the remaining projects, such as painting the exterior, and invites readers to follow their journey of full-time travel.

Charming Short Bus Transformation Tour

Alyssa shows off her charming five-window short bus named Monarch, which she lives in full-time with her dog Rio. The bus has a commercial grade exterior home door, solar panels on the roof, and five exterior cameras for easy driving and safety. Inside, Alyssa has created a functional and cozy living space with a guest bed, kitchen with a microwave and oven, and a favorite part of the bus: the bathroom. The space is packed with storage and personal touches, such as a record player and a guest book for road trip memories.

Tiny House on Wheels: A Solo Female’s Budget Build!

We meet Rita, a solo female traveling artist and graphic designer who built her own tiny home on wheels inside of a pink bus. She talks about her transition from living in an apartment to living out of her Jeep and eventually building her bus. She also gives a tour of her home, showing off her kitchen, shower, and sticker collection. The bus cost her just under $9,000 to build, and she’s been living on the road for almost three years now.