Exploring the World in a Plant-Filled Van

Tori takes viewers on a tour of her van dwelling that she has turned into a comfy home on wheels. The inside of the van prioritizes utility and comfort, allowing Tori to live a nomadic lifestyle. She shares her minimal setup, the materials she used, and her budget-friendly approach to the van conversion. Tori also showcases her kitchen, closet, and bathroom setup, highlighting the practicality and functionality of her space. Overall, this video offers a glimpse into Tori’s adventurous and intentional van lifestyle.

Time-Lapse Transformation Bus to Beautiful Tiny Home

This blog post discusses the incredible time-lapse transformation of a bus into a beautiful tiny home, as shown in the YouTube video “From Bus to Beautiful Tiny Home.” The video’s transcript mentions the excitement of the news and the progress of the bus conversion. The blog post also mentions the remaining projects, such as painting the exterior, and invites readers to follow their journey of full-time travel.

From Yellow School Bus to Cozy Tiny Home – A Fascinating Transformation!

In this YouTube video titled “From Yellow School Bus to Cozy Tiny Home – A Fascinating Transformation!”, the host showcases the incredible journey of converting a yellow school bus into a comfortable and charming tiny home. Through the video, viewers get a glimpse of the entire transformation process, from gutting the bus to creating functional living spaces. The final result is a stunning and cozy home on wheels, proving that unconventional spaces can be transformed into beautiful and functional living quarters.

From Rust to Wanderlust: Memorable Moments of our Skoolie Conversion!

In this YouTube video, the creators share their journey of converting a school bus into their dream tiny home on wheels. They document the process of removing seats, removing the floor, dealing with rust, removing insulation and panels, resealing windows, and more. Throughout the video, they provide helpful tips and tricks for others considering a similar project. The creators express excitement about reaching milestones like painting the floors and installing fans and skylights. They also ask for input on choosing paint colors for the floors. Overall, the video provides an in-depth look into the skoolie conversion process and the memorable moments the creators have experienced along the way.

Transforming a Skoolie into an Off-grid Oasis: Watch the 2-Year Journey in 10 mins!

In this YouTube video titled “Transforming a Skoolie into an Off-grid Oasis: Watch the 2-Year Journey in 10 mins!”, the journey of converting a school bus into an off-grid oasis is showcased. The exciting and creative transformation process is compressed into a 10-minute video. Stay tuned to witness the remarkable journey unfold!

Exploring a Dreamy Overlander Tiny Home

An amazing overlander tiny home built by a couple who likes to take their home wherever they go. The couple went nomadic four years ago and built their home on a 2008 GMC c7500 that they personally converted. The home has 600 amp hours of lithium phosphate batteries and 1850 watts of solar panels on the roof, making it totally self-sufficient. The interior has an open space, with a big counter for cooking and lots of storage space. The couple added personal touches like a Polaroid wall of their travels.

DIY Earthroamer: Museroamer Expedition Vehicle

Andrew and Ashley give DIY truck conversion tips for those looking to go overlanding on a budget. They take us through the process of building their home-built expedition vehicle, the Muse Roamer, which is a converted 2004 Ford F-550 four-wheel-drive. They reveal the components they used, such as solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, propane tank, and more. Andrew shows off the compartments and storage spaces, custom-made furniture, and finishes with a tour of the inside, highlighting their favorite features.

Inside a Self-built Ford Transit Van: A Solo Female Adventure

In the YouTube video “Inside a Self-built Ford Transit Van: A Solo Female Adventure,” Lauren gives a tour of her 2018 extended 148 wheelbase Ford Transit van that she converted herself and has been living in for about a year and a half. She shows off her shower cabinet, swivel seat with a desk area, kitchen appliances, electrical system with five 100 amp hour battleborn batteries, 12 volt AC unit, and solar panels. Lauren also shares her budget-friendly tips for creating a comfortable and functional living space in a van.

Transform Your Van with DIY Murphy Bed & Closet

Jess and Sean showcase their DIY van transformation, including a Murphy bed, closet, composting toilet, and recycled wood accents. They discuss their decision to downsize and live on the road, citing the freedom to travel and discover new places, as well as the sense of community they have found along the way.

Clever Camper Van: Bed, Office & Tesla Power!

Elliot gives a tour of his camper van which features a large sink, projector, magnetic locks for cabinets, and a custom lighting system. The van runs on a Tesla power system, which includes a fridge and freezer that can last up to three weeks without needing to go grocery shopping. The camper van is perfect for two people and a dog, and Elliot has added several convenient features, including a pee funnel for emergencies and a shower hose that can be attached to the back of the van.

Transforming an Ambulance into an Expedition Camper

See the incredible journey of turning an ambulance into a fully-functional living space for expeditions. From installing solar panels to creating a kitchen and sleeping area, watch as this innovative project comes to life.

Inside a Cozy Ambulance-Turned-Tiny-Home!

The ambulance is a 2001 Ford E-450 with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. Danielle shows the outdoor storage, 20-gallon water tank, pump, tankless hot water heater, and propane for the heater. She also gives a tour of the interior, showing the bed, couch, closet, shower, speakers, and kitchen with a large fridge and freezer. Danielle also explains the benefits of living in an ambulance.