Clever Camper Van: Bed, Office & Tesla Power!

Elliot takes us on a tour of his van and explains the design and functionality of the various features and amenities. From extra storage to a built-in projector, a big sink to a composting toilet, and even a pee funnel, Elliot’s van has everything you need for a comfortable and convenient trip. And with a massive battery system powered by Tesla, power draw isn’t an issue. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the topics discussed in Elliot’s video and how his van could inspire your next adventure.

A Clever Camper Van Design for Both Living and Storage

This camper van is the perfect blend of clever design and efficient storage. The owner, Elliot, has utilized every nook and cranny, including extra storage up top and box cubbies that he cut down and re-sewed to the exact length he needed. The van has a clean, white build with a matching walnut panel theme and sage green accents.

Elliot has solved the problem of broken gas struts with spring hinges commonly used on boats. He also added additional storage for charging things and a power block. The fridge is one of the biggest models with a dual zone, which Elliot finds useful for his needs. He added a foot lock for safety while driving and can go up to three weeks without grocery shopping.

This clever design also includes a composting toilet that was eventually replaced with a Go Anywhere toilet and two storage boxes. The kitchen boasts a large farmhouse sink with a flip-up cutting board and a 30-gallon fresh water tank. The sink comes with an aerator nozzle that saves a lot of water and a custom lighting system with dimmer switches that doesn’t flicker on camera.

Elliot has thought through every detail, including a pee funnel that conveniently drains through the floor and a clever system of magnetic baby locks to keep cabinets closed while driving. It is clear that Elliot has put a lot of time and effort into creating a home on wheels that is designed both for living and storage.

The Power System of a Tesla-Powered Camper Van

The power system of Elliot’s Tesla-powered camper van is an impressive one. With a massive battery system, power draw isn’t an issue for him. Even when the compressor of his Dometic 95 CFX fridge is on, it only pulls about five to six amps per hour, which cycles through and isn’t a problem. Elliot also likes to keep the fridge colder than normal to ensure his food doesn’t spoil, but he can adjust the temperature if needed.

Elliot’s sink is another key element of his power system. He has a farmhouse-style sink with an aerator nozzle attached to the edge, which allows him to fill up water bottles, and a mist setting for washing dishes and hands. This saves a lot of his fresh water supply, and Elliot estimates that he has about 30 gallons of fresh water that lasts him around 30 days.

The lighting system in the van is also noteworthy. Elliot built a custom lighting system with 6500k LED strips that aren’t typical LED puck lights. They’re on a voltage dimmer, so there’s no flicker on camera when they’re dimmed. The lights are bright, and they consume six and a half amps of power, which is a lot if you don’t have a big power system like Elliot’s.

Overall, the power system of Elliot’s Tesla-powered camper van is impressive, and it allows him to have all the amenities he needs without worrying about power draw or running out of supplies too quickly.

Creating Additional Storage Space Inside a Camper Van

Elliot has done a fantastic job when it comes to creating additional storage space inside his camper van. Let’s take a look at what he has done. Up top, he has extra storage for pants, winter gear, sweaters, and other essential items. Elliot has also installed a projector that can be used both inside and outside the van. The box cubbies, bought at a local store, were cut down and re-sewn to fit the length he wanted, making them the perfect size for storing various items.

Moreover, Elliot has used three-quarter-inch plywood laminated with white material on the outside, making it easy to clean with a washcloth or a melamine sponge. All around the camper van, there are matching walnut panels creating a seamless style. Elliot has also added nautical spring hinges, which work perfectly and hold the storage areas open easily.

Elliot realized that he needed more storage space for charging things, so he put a power block in and can bring it down when he needs to charge some extra camera gear. The system is designed to reduce any hanging wires, and the camper van has a magnetically-seated system that is super convenient. The kitchen section was also important to Elliot, and he installed a very big sink and Flip-up Cutting board. With this, he also integrated a plastic water bottle filler so he can preserve fresh water, and the nozzle of the faucet can be spun around and misted to conserve water.

The anaerobic nozzle saves so much amount of water and can fill water bottles when needed. Under the sink, there are two doors, one is for waste disposal, and the other one is for extra storage. Elliot created a peeing hole so that he does not have to run out for the restroom anytime he needs to pee. The custom lighting under the sink is also impressive. It has a voltage dimmer that does not flicker on the camera and can be adjusted accordingly. All in all, Elliot’s additional storage solutions inside his camper van are excellent.

The Amenities of a Fully-Functional Camper Van Kitchen

When it comes to a fully-functional camper van kitchen, amenities are key. First and foremost, having ample storage space is crucial. Elliot has extra storage up top, and even went as far as cutting and resewing box cubbies to make them fit perfectly in his van. Although they may not look the best, he finds them to be a great utility.

Elliot also opted for a significant fridge and freezer, the Dometic 95 CFX, which pulls anywhere between five and six amps per hour. However, given his sizable battery system, it hasn’t been much of an issue for him. He can now spend up to three weeks without needing to go grocery shopping, thanks to his wet and dry storage spaces.

Of course, no kitchen is complete without a sink, and Elliot selected a farmhouse-style sink to fit his needs. He also added a water aerator nozzle to save on water usage and even fulfills his showering needs. Elliot also has a custom lighting system, using led strips that are on a voltage dimmer to prevent flicker on camera. Lastly, he has a pee funnel for when nature calls and he can’t make it to a bathroom. All in all, a fully-functional camper van kitchen needs ample storage, cooling, water usage, lighting, and, well, bathroom usage!

How Lighting Plays an Essential Role in a Camper Van Setup

When creating a camper van setup, one important aspect to consider is lighting. Elliot showcases his unique lighting system that uses 6500K LED strips on a voltage dimmer for optimal brightness and adjustability. This type of lighting creates a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the van, perfect for spending time with friends or family.

Aside from aesthetics, lighting also plays a practical role in a camper van. When cooking or preparing food, a well-lit kitchen area is essential. Likewise, dimmer lighting is preferable for sleeping or relaxing at night. Elliot’s lighting system checks all the boxes, offering the best of both worlds.

Another important consideration when designing camper van lighting is power consumption. With Elliot’s system pulling 6.5 amps of power, a sizeable power system is necessary to accommodate it. However, the benefits of a well-designed lighting system far outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Ultimately, the lighting system in a camper van should align with your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you prioritize aesthetics, practicality, or energy efficiency, there are countless lighting options to choose from. With some creativity and planning, a well-lit camper van will provide the perfect environment for all your adventures.


Q: What is included in the storage space at the top of the van?
A: The storage space includes pants, winter gear, sweaters, books, and a projector.

Q: Where did Elliot get his box cubbies from?
A: Elliot got his box cubbies from a general big box store like Walmart or Target.

Q: What material is used for the interior of Elliot’s van?
A: Elliot’s van is made of three-quarter inch plywood and is laminated with white.

Q: What kind of hinges does Elliot use for the cabinets in his van?
A: Elliot uses nautical spring hinges for the cabinets in his van.

Q: How does Elliot keep his cabinets closed while driving?
A: Elliot uses magnetic baby locks to keep his cabinets closed while driving.

Q: What kind of fridge does Elliot have in his van?
A: Elliot has a Dometic 95 CFX fridge/freezer in his van.

Q: How long does Elliot’s food last him in his fridge?
A: Elliot’s food lasts him about three weeks in his fridge.

Q: What is the solution to the closed cabinets while driving?
A: Magnetic baby locks are the solution to the closed cabinets while driving.

Q: How big is the sink in Elliot’s van?
A: The sink in Elliot’s van is one of the biggest farmhouse sinks that he could find on Amazon.

Q: What is the altered nozzle?
A: The altered nozzle is a nozzle that has multiple attachments and can be connected to almost any faucet.

Q: How long does Elliot’s fresh water last him?
A: Elliot’s fresh water lasts him about 30 days.

Q: What is included in the storage space under Elliot’s sink?
A: The storage space under Elliot’s sink includes a trash bin, two bins for cleaning supplies and extra storage, and a medical kit.

Q: What is the custom lighting system in Elliot’s van?
A: The custom lighting system in Elliot’s van includes 6500k LED strips and a voltage dimmer that allows for adjusting brightness without flickering on camera.

Q: How much power does Elliot’s lighting system pull?
A: Elliot’s lighting system pulls 6.5 amps of power.

We got a glimpse into Elliot’s cleverly designed camper van which features a comfortable bed, an office space, and even a Tesla power system. It’s amazing to see how much thought and effort he put into creating a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

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