Creek’s Project BOV Truck

Now that all of the pieces of the bug out vehicle were together, it was time to paint it, and make it look more like a bug out vehicle.

Using some standard ‘high heat’ barbecue grill spray paint from the local hardware store, and the help of a couple friends, the glossy black topper was made more bug-out vehicle worthy.

While the paint was out, Creek set about painting his spare tire mount, door handles, mirrors, and front grille and brush guard.

Another important modification, is tires with massive tread for getting out of those slippery situations! Boots of choice were Interco Super Swampers, mounted on some painted rims purchased off of Craigslist.

Here’s a picture of the CUCV military surplus bug-out vehicle so far

Final touches for this stage of the build includes a sticker above the rear bench seat to serve as a reminder. “Remember, it’s not if, but when!”

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