Transforming a Rotting RV into an Epic 4×4 Adventure Rig!

This man transformed a rotting RV into an epic 4×4 adventure rig! In the video, Brian Reardon from Boston, Massachusetts, takes us on a tour of his 1998 Coachman Starflight van, showcasing all the modifications and upgrades he’s made to create the ultimate off-road vehicle. From the powerful 5.4 V8 gas engine and six-inch u-joint off-road conversion kit to the 37-inch Nexon tires and custom-made wheels, this van is a true beast on any terrain.

Meet the Man Behind the Epic RV Transformation

Brian Reardon is the mastermind behind the epic transformation of a 1998 Coachman Starflight van into a fully-equipped off-grid machine. Combining his love for vans with his passion for travel and adventure, Brian created a vehicle that could take him anywhere he wanted to go and provide him with all the amenities he needed to live comfortably for extended periods.

Using a Ford chassis with f250 parts, Brian was able to convert the van into a four-wheel drive machine with a solid front axle, making it much more capable off-road than an all-wheel drive or independent front suspension system. He also re-geared the axles to 513 and added a six-inch u-joint off-road full drive conversion, Fox 2.0 shocks, and a Dynatrac limited slip differential up front to ensure that the van could handle any terrain.

On the exterior, Brian bed-linered the entire vehicle and replaced every light with LED lights. He also added an illuminess front bumper with LED lights, a 12,000-pound ward winch, a 10-foot Fiama awning, and custom-made wheels with 37-inch Nexon tires that can handle up to 3,970 pounds per tire.

To make the most of the limited space inside the van, Brian designed and built his own racks to hold gear and storage boxes that swing out from under the bed for easy access. He also added an outdoor shower for post-beach rinses or remote-location bathing, and replaced both fantastic fans and air conditioner with more modern, efficient units.

Overall, Brian’s epic RV transformation shows the power of creative thinking and DIY spirit when it comes to converting a standard campervan into a rugged, off-grid machine that can take you wherever your heart desires.

Why Four-Wheel Drive was a Must-Have for Off-Road Adventuring

Off-road adventuring is a thrilling experience that not only feeds your love for adventure but also lets you learn through travel and relationships with people. Having a four-wheel drive van is a must-have when it comes to reaching places that most vehicles cannot. Brian Reardon, a traveler from Boston, Massachusetts, shares his love for vans and his adventures. To get the best experience, he realized that he needed a van that he could stand up in, have a shower, a kitchen and a living space. He needed something that could take him to long weekends, a week or two, or potentially live in it full-time.

Looking into the four-wheel drive ability market, there weren’t many options available. Brian was looking into Sprinters, but they were all-wheel drive. Knowing the limitations of an all-wheel drive, he wanted something with a solid front axle. With the availability of four-wheel drive kits for Ford vans, he knew that a Ford chassis was the perfect option for him. The Ford conversion would also ensure readily available parts for maintenance and repairs.

However, the market for four-wheel drive vans is limited to only a few options, and they come with certain limitations. The Sprinter doesn’t have any locking options, while independent front suspensions are never as good as articulating as the solid front axle. For Brian, getting off-grid and going into places where a Jeep can go means getting a much more capable off-grid machine.

Brian’s 1998 Coachman StarFlight van is a powerful machine with a 5.4 V8 gas engine that has plenty of power. With six-inch u-joint off-road full drive conversion, stage two kit fox 2.0 shocks and Dynatrac limited slip differential up front, this van can handle any terrain. It also sports an exterior with a bed liner, projector beam headlights, a custom-made wheelset, and 37-inch Nexons that can handle about 3,970 pounds per tire.

The van also comes with a lot of features that make it ideal for off-road adventuring. These include custom-made racks, an exterior plate, matching interior plates, an outdoor shower, LED running lights, a rear bumper made out of quarter-inch steel with a set of lights in it, rear cargo boxes that are lightweight, and have a swing arm for easy access. It is also equipped with vital accessories like two roto packs, a high lift jack, and a get unstuck axe and shovel.

In conclusion, Four-Wheel Drive is a Must-Have for Off-Road Adventuring. It’s the best way to get to remote locations, explore the outdoors, and experience the best adventures that the world has to offer. Having a four-wheel drive van like Brian’s Coachman StarFlight is an excellent way to ensure that you are up for any challenge that comes your way while enjoying the best of what nature has to offer.

From Headlights to Wheels: A Comprehensive List of Customizations

If you’re looking to customize your vehicle, there are endless possibilities beyond your standard headlights and rims. This 1998 Coachman Starflight van is a prime example of what you can do with a little creativity and some elbow grease. In this article, we’ll take a look at the extensive list of customizations made to this van by its owner, Brian Reardon.

Starting with the exterior, the van boasts an Illuminess front bumper, complete with LED lights and a 12,000-pound ward winch. The grille and headlights have been bed lined for added durability and style, and the wheels are custom-made to handle the van’s weight and create the perfect offset. Additionally, all the exterior lights have been replaced with LED bulbs for better energy efficiency and visibility.

Moving inside, the van has a six-inch u-joint off-road full drive conversion that includes Fox 2.0 shocks and a Dynatrac limited slip differential. The cabin features a kitchen, shower, and living space, making it the perfect vehicle for short getaways or even full-time living. All interior lights have been replaced with LED lighting as well.

Other notable customizations include a 10-foot Fiamma awning, custom-made exterior racks, and even an outdoor shower. To ensure maximum off-road capabilities, Brian chose a solid front axle and improvements like re-gearing the axles to 513 for more power.

All in all, this van proves that the possibilities for customization are endless. With a little planning and some creativity, you can turn any vehicle into a personalized work of art that fits your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

DIY Tips from Brian: Bedlinering and Exterior Plate Racks

Brian is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to van conversions. He has experience in building and modifying vans to suit his needs for traveling and adventure. From bedlining to exterior plate racks, he has a lot of great tips for those looking to convert their own van.

One impressive feature of Brian’s van is the bedliner. He bedlined the entire van, including the grille and headlights, himself. With some practice on a piece of plywood, he was able to achieve a smooth, protective finish that’s easy to maintain. If you’re thinking about bedlining your own van, this is definitely worth considering.

Another striking feature of Brian’s van is the exterior plate racks. These racks are not only functional but also match the van’s design. Made of aluminum, they’re lightweight yet sturdy enough to support heavy gear. The racks are sandwiched between the exterior and interior plates, which makes them more secure than screwing them directly into the fiberglass. This is a clever tip for anyone who wants to add durable and aesthetically pleasing storage options to their van.

Brian’s van is also equipped with an outdoor shower. This is a great feature for anyone who wants to rinse off after a day at the beach or needs a proper shower in a remote location. The shower is larger than the indoor shower, making it more comfortable to use. It’s simple but effective, and it’s a reminder of how small touches can make a big difference in van life.

Overall, Brian’s van is a rugged and capable off-road machine. With a solid front axle and a 5.4L V8 gas engine that’s re-geared to 513, it can handle just about anything. Brian’s tips for bedlinering and creating exterior plate racks will be useful for anyone who wants to convert their van into a functional and durable adventure mobile.

Travel Essentials: Outdoor Shower, Roto Packs, Jack, and Solar

When it comes to outdoor travel, there are a few essentials that every adventurer needs to make the most out of their experience. Brian Reardon, from Boston, Massachusetts, knows this all too well. He is the proud owner of a 1998 Coachman Starflight van that he has converted into a fully-functional living space with all the amenities he needs for long weekends, weeks, or even living in it full-time. When it comes to off-grid and off-road capabilities, Brian has equipped his van with some serious power and supplies.

One of the coolest features that Brian has installed in his van is an outdoor shower. This is the perfect thing for rinsing off after a day at the beach or for relaxing in a remote location. The shower is much larger than the one inside the van and is an excellent way to get clean while enjoying the beauty of nature. Brian has also equipped his van with roto packs, which are heavy-duty, plastic gas cans that provide extra fuel for extended journeys.

Another critical item that Brian has added to his van is a high lift jack. This device can lift the vehicle high enough to replace tires or to get unstuck when off-roading. Finally, Brian has installed a 300-watt solar panel that allows him to power all of his devices and appliances without having to rely on traditional power sources. With all of these essentials, Brian can take his van and enjoy the great outdoors for as long as he wants.


Q: What is the main topic of the YouTube video?
A: The main topic of the YouTube video is the transformation of a 1998 Coachman Starflight van into an epic 4×4 adventure rig.

Q: Who is the owner of the van?
A: The owner of the van is Brian Reardon from Boston, Massachusetts.

Q: What is the reason behind the transformation?
A: Brian Reardon has been traveling for work all over the world for the last 15 years and has developed a love of travel. He wanted a van that he could stand up in, have a shower, a kitchen, and a living space so that he could take long weekends, weeks, or potentially live in it full-time.

Q: Why did Brian choose a Ford chassis instead of a Sprinter?
A: Brian chose a Ford chassis instead of a Sprinter because he wanted a solid front axle, F250 parts were readily available, and there were more options for four-wheel-drive kits for Ford vans.

Q: What are some of the upgrades Brian made to the van?
A: Brian made a lot of upgrades to the van, including a 6-inch U-joint off-road four-wheel-drive conversion, Fox 2.0 shocks, a Dynatrac limited-slip differential up front, an illuminess front bumper with LED lights, a 12,000-pound ward winch, custom-made wheels, a 10-foot Fiama awning, LED lights, and aluminum cargo boxes.

Q: What is the purpose of the outdoor shower?
A: The purpose of the outdoor shower is to rinse off after a day at the beach or if you’re in a remote location and want to bathe naked outside. It is also much larger than the inside shower.

Q: What type of tires did Brian choose for the van?
A: Brian chose 37-inch Nexons, which can handle about 3,970 pounds per tire.

Q: Did Brian make any changes to the roof of the van?
A: Yes, Brian recoated the entire roof with rubber and painted it with white Raptor liner. He also replaced both of the fantastic fans and the air conditioner.

Q: What storage options does Brian have on the back of the van?
A: Brian has two Roto Packs, an Get Unstuck axe and shovel, 300 watts of solar, and a high lift jack for storage on the back of the van.

And there you have it, folks! Brian Reardon has transformed his rotting RV into a beastly 4×4 adventure rig that can take him anywhere he wants to go, even off the beaten path. With a solid front axle, a 5.4 V8 gas engine, and a six-inch u-joint off-road full drive conversion, he’s equipped and ready for any terrain. From custom-made wheels to aluminum cargo boxes and an exterior shower, he’s thought of every detail to make his home on wheels the ultimate adventure machine.

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