Building the Ultimate Overland Adventure Rig

Ginger and Greg build the ultimate overland adventure rig. They share their experience with different types of campers before settling on an aluminum one, and how they did thorough research on rig selection to ensure a long-term solution. Additionally, they provide an in-depth look at the customized modifications they’ve made to their truck, including tool and outdoor gear storage, bumper lights and solar panels, to make it off-road and off-grid capable.

Transforming a Rotting RV into an Epic 4×4 Adventure Rig!

Brian Reardon from Boston, transforms his 1998 Coachman Starflight van into an epic 4×4 adventure rig. He explains his love for travel and how he got addicted to the adventure experience, leading him to step up his game and invest in a van he could stand up in, with a shower, kitchen, and living space. Brian went for a 1998 Coachman Starflight with a 5.4 V8 gas engine and a six-inch u-joint off-road full drive conversion that makes it a much more capable off-grid machine.