58-Year-Young’s Bohemian Camper Living

Bev is a 58-year young woman who has been living in her Bohemian camper van since November 2020. In the video, Bev gives us a tour of her cozy home on wheels and shows us how she’s made the most out of every inch of space. From her functional kitchen setup to her innovative water system, Bev’s van life is full of clever ideas for anyone looking to downsize and simplify their life.

Take a tour of Bev’s bohemian camper: A 58-year-young’s tiny house living experience

Welcome to the tour of Bev’s bohemian camper, where a 58-year-young woman shares her tiny house living experience traveling around the country. As you step inside Bev’s camper, the first thing you’ll see is her kitchen setup. Bev has made several modifications to her Chevy Express van to keep things organized. Her Apicool 55 refrigerator is conveniently placed on the passenger seat, and she has a plastic shoe box in there to make it easier to find things. Bev powers her refrigerator using the DC outlet or a shore power connection.

Bev’s kitchen setup has an electric pump on the backside with a fresh and gray water tank. She has about five gallons of water in each tank that lasts her about a week. Bev has set up trays in her van to maximize the limited counter space, making it easier to cook and eat. She has a butane stove that is easy to set up and put away. Bev has also set up a simple coffee routine, where she keeps her coffee cup and funnel within reach for convenience. Bev has organized her grocery items in boxes that are easily accessible, and she even cut the sides of one of the boxes so she can access it easily.

Moving around to the other side of the van, you’ll see Bev’s freshwater and gray water tanks, which are effortless to change. Bev has also planned to have a shower set up in the future and has purchased a hose that she can attach to the faucet. She has also bought an immersion heater that she plans to use to heat water and maybe try fitting it in this space. Bev’s camper is incredibly well organized, and every inch of the van has been utilized to maximize efficiency and storage space.

See how Bev transformed a Chevy van into her dream home on wheels

Bev’s van conversion is an absolute marvel. Her kitchen setup is both efficient and effective, allowing her to have running water and a small stove within arm’s reach. One of the things that really stands out is how organized everything is. Bev has used trays and plastic boxes to keep everything in its place and avoid clutter.

She’s even come up with a clever solution for storing food despite the lack of cabinet space in the van. She uses a box that sits in a nook and has cut out the sides to make it easier to access. The whole setup is ingenious and a great example of how you can make the most out of a small space. If you’re considering a van conversion, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at Bev’s setup.

Kitchen setup in a tiny home: Bev’s tips and tricks for staying organized

Looking at Bev’s Kitchen setup for her tiny home in her van, it is immediately noticeable how every inch of space has been utilized. One of the first things that catches the eye is the plastic shoe box in the refrigerator. The box is a simple solution that keeps everything organized and prevents Bev from having to dig through the fridge to find what she needs. It is an excellent example of how seemingly trivial tweaks can make a world of difference when dealing with minimal living space. Additionally, the fact that Bev has a fridge that can be accessed from both the driver’s seat and the kitchen area is a nice touch that reinforces how efficient everything has to be in a tiny home.

Another notable feature of Bev’s kitchen setup is her electric pump, which provides running water. Her fresh and gray water tanks can hold five gallons each, which is pretty remarkable when you consider how little space there is in Bev’s van. To optimize the already limited counter space, Bev has extra trays set up strategically around the kitchen. This extra space helps reduce visual clutter and creates a more organized kitchen. Bev’s insistence on having everything within reach is evident in her coffee routine. She keeps her coffee cups right by her side, and the coffee-making process takes less than two minutes. Overall, Bev’s attention to detail is impressive, and her small tweaks and tricks are perfect examples of how to remain organized in a tiny home.

Water and electricity setup in a camper van: What you need to know

When it comes to water and electricity setup in a camper van, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, having easy access to running water is crucial for any van life setup. Bev has a fresh water tank installed in her van that holds up to five gallons of water which lasts for about a week. In addition to that, she also has a gray water tank to collect used water. To make things even more convenient, Bev has installed an electric pump that provides her with running water in the kitchen area. The pump is connected to the faucet via a hose and can be easily turned on and off using a switch.

To ensure that she always has a supply of cold drinks and snacks, Bev has an Apicool 55 refrigerator installed in her van. It is powered by DC outlets in the car or shore power. To cook her meals, Bev uses a butane stove which is small, portable, and perfect for van life. She also has a tray installed in her kitchen setup for extra cabinet space to keep things organized. Bev believes in keeping things minimal and organized in her camper van so she uses various boxes to store foods and groceries. Finally, she has her morning coffee setup within reach so her mornings are hassle-free. These simple setups can make van life more pleasant and cool.

Bev’s experience with van life: The joys and challenges of living on the road

Bev’s van life experience has been full of joys and challenges. On the joy side, she loves the freedom of living on the road, traveling to new places whenever she wants and meeting new people. Her van provides her with a sense of security and comfort, knowing that she always has a place to sleep and eat. Additionally, Bev loves the simplicity of her lifestyle, finding happiness in the basic necessities and small pleasures of life on the road.

However, living in a van also has its challenges. One of the biggest struggles for Bev is the lack of space. She has had to be creative in organizing her van to maximize storage while staying organized. Another challenge is the lack of amenities, such as a shower or a toilet. Bev has found ways to work around this by using public showers or buying water for drinking and cooking. Despite these challenges, Bev sees them as part of the adventure and looks forward to continuing her van life journey.

  • Joy: Freedom to travel and meet new people
  • Joy: Feeling of security and comfort in her van
  • Joy: Finding happiness in the basic necessities
  • Challenge: Lack of space and need for creative organization
  • Challenge: Lack of amenities such as a shower or toilet
  • Challenge: Finding ways to work around these challenges

Bev’s kitchen setup is an example of her creative organization skills. She has a compact but functional kitchen, complete with a refrigerator, running water, and a stove. She has learned the importance of having everything within reach and avoiding clutter. Her approach to kitchen storage involves using boxes that fit within designated nooks in her van, allowing her to access her groceries and kitchen supplies with ease. Her fresh water and gray water tanks also allow her to conserve water while still having enough for her basic needs, lasting her a week at a time. Bev sees these solutions as part of the fun of van life, constantly learning and adapting to make the most out of her small space.

  • Organizational tip: Have everything within reach to avoid frustration
  • Organizational tip: Use designated nooks and boxes for storage
  • Water conservation tip: Use separate fresh water and gray water tanks
  • Fun of van life: Constantly learning and adapting to make the most out of limited space

Secrets to staying clutter-free in a small space: Bev’s unique approach

Bev’s unique approach to staying clutter-free in a small space is all about organization. She has arranged her van in such a way that everything is within reach, and she doesn’t have to dig around to find anything. Her kitchen setup is a prime example of her approach. She has set up trays on the counter and added plastic shoe boxes to keep everything organized. Bev’s dedication to minimalism is evident from her grocery compartment, which is just a box that sits in the nook. She has cut the sides to make it easier to access items in it.

Bev’s kitchen setup is designed to fit every square inch for storage. However, she wished that she had put a cabinet door on the front and added a couple of small drawers for storage. Despite this, Bev has found a way to maximize space and make her van feel spacious. She has added an electric pump on the backside of her kitchen, which makes it easy to have running water. With a fresh water tank and a gray water tank, Bev has everything she needs to stay hygienic. Her immersion heater allows her to heat up water and take a hot shower.

Overall, Bev’s unique approach to staying clutter-free in a small space is a testament to her organizational skills. She has found ways to make the most of her small space and stay organized, even when on the move. Her dedication to minimalism and practicality is inspiring, and she offers valuable insights into how to stay clutter-free in a small space.

Exploring new possibilities for tiny home living: Bev’s plans for future improvements

Bev’s tiny home living is a testament to how a small space can be transformed into a functional and organized living space. Her kitchen setup is particularly impressive, with an apicool 55 refrigerator that can be accessed from the driver’s seat or from the kitchen area. Bev has also made a few modifications to her kitchen setup, such as placing a plastic shoe box in her fridge to keep things organized.

One of the challenges of tiny home living is ensuring there is enough storage space for everything you need. Bev has managed to maximize her storage space and keep her kitchen organized by using trays and boxes to store her supplies. While her kitchen setup is already impressive, Bev still has plans for future improvements, such as adding a cabinet door and drawers for more storage space. It’s clear that Bev is always exploring new possibilities for improving her tiny home living setup.

Overall, Bev’s innovative use of space and creative adaptations show how tiny home living can be both comfortable and efficient. Her kitchen setup serves as inspiration for others looking to live in small spaces, proving that with a little creativity and organization, even the tiniest of homes can feel like a cozy haven.


Q: Who is the person in the YouTube video and what does she do?

A: The person in the YouTube video is named Bev and she is 58 years old. She currently lives in her 2004 Chevy Express 1500 van and has been traveling around the country since November of 2020.

Q: What modifications has Bev made to her van to make it more organized?

A: Bev has set up a plastic shoe box in her refrigerator to keep things organized and make it easier to find what she needs. She also uses different trays to create extra counter space in her kitchen and has a box for her grocery compartment.

Q: How does Bev power her refrigerator and kitchen water pump?

A: Bev can power her refrigerator by plugging it into the DC outlet in her car or by using shore power. She powers her kitchen water pump using an electric pump on the back side of her kitchen setup.

Q: What does Bev use for her morning coffee routine?

A: Bev uses a coffee funnel and a pan to make coffee in the morning. She keeps both her cups within reach to avoid having to dig through anything to find them.

Q: What does Bev use for her stove and how does she make it easy to put away?

A: Bev uses a butane stove that she tucks away in a compartment underneath her kitchen counter. It sets up easily on the counter and is easy to move around.

Q: Does Bev have plans for a shower setup in her van?

A: Bev has not yet set up a shower in her van but has purchased a hose that can snap onto her faucet. She also has an immersion heater and is considering using a bucket to heat water for a makeshift shower solution.

Q: What does Bev use for her 30 amp cord storage?

A: Bev uses a pocket on her van door to store part of her 30 amp cord and hangs the rest on a hook to take some weight off of the door handle. She also has an extension cord available.

Q: What does Bev do with her gray water when it’s full?

A: Bev unscrews the lid of her gray water tank and dumps the contents into another container for proper disposal.

In conclusion, Bev’s bohemian camper is a perfect example of how tiny house living is transforming the way we think about home. From her clever kitchen setup to her efficient storage solutions, Bev’s van demonstrates how a minimalist lifestyle can still be comfortable and convenient.

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