X-UHaul to Toyhauler Conversion Project

Starting with a 17 foot ex-UHaul box truck build on an E-350 chassis, this toy hauler conversion is minimal and quick. The first step was to get rid of the orange and white to make it blend in a little better. The U-haul colors were covered with flat black.

X-UHaul toy hauler conversion

After the paint was done, the bed was divided in half. 8 feet for the front living space, and 8 feet for the rear toy-hauler section. A wall was build out of 2x4s, insulated, and a walk through door was added to get from the living space to the garage. Notice the door opens into the living space so that you can get into the garage even with toys loaded in it.

Fluorescent lights are hung on the wall of the garage portion, and wires are run from a breaker panel to each side of the wall. A separate breaker is used for each plug, and each light for maximum safety. The breaker panel will be where power comes in from an outside source (shore power from an RV spot etc).

Here’s a view of the partition wall from the living quarters.

The Mom’s Attic compartment is getting insulation. When finished, the sides will be carpeted, and there are plans to purchase 3 inch thick foam the size of the complete attic for sleeping on.

These cabinets and countertops are on both sides of the living quarters. Both sides get them for tons of storage space, plus the countertops will double as sleeping beds for the youngsters, and yes, they will have sides that popup to keep kids from rolling off!

One advantage of the E-350 UHauls over the larger ones with a 24 foot box is that they have 2 small sideways mounted captains chairs that are great for kids.

With completely insulated walls and ceilings, this 1995 E-350 should keep the heat out, or in, depending on the time of year.

Future plans include a locking mechanism from the inside in case the locks get cut from the outside.

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