Vanaconda from Ujoint Offroad

Vanaconda 2006 E350 4x4 converted cargo van

Vanaconda was U-Joint OffRoads showcase vehicle for SEMA 2006, but it was one of the largest, baddest builds of a full-size van so it deserves a spot in the Build Thread Archive!

Based off of a 2006 E350 with a 6.0 liter engine, UJoint installed their offroad 4×4 conversion kit, dual show hoops, rear airbag system, leaf springs, cv driveshafts, custom front and rear bumpers, and all sorts of aftermarket parts by other manufacturers.

The end result was a vehicle that is built strong enough for hard core trail riding, equipped enough for camping out of, and shiny enough to be displayed at SEMA 2006.


Vanaconda is a bit of an icon in the offroad-van-conversion world. It’s been featured in Peterson’s 4×4, OffRoad Magazine, Four Wheeler magazine, and all over the internet.

The interior consists of an ARB 50 quart freezer, simple cabinets, and a bed frame with tons of storage space underneath.

4x4 Van 2006 Vanaconda Interior Picture

Vanaconda Van interior

Outside, aside from all the visible goodies like the custom front and rear aluminum bumpers, Vanaconda has hidden 12 volt compressor,2.5 gallonĀ  air tank, and a 12 gallon water tank as well!

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