Toyboat’s 1985 Toyota Extended Cab Pickup Build

Pirate4x4 user ‘toyboat’ featured his build of a 1985 Toyota extended cab pickup truck. In late 2005, he purchased the truck for $2000, and started posting his buildup thread. On a very tight budget, progress was kind of slow, but moving none the less!

85 Toyota 4x4 with 33 inch tires and rear lift shackles

The Toyota didn’t last long as a stock wheeler before it got 3 inch AllPro springs in the front and 4 inch superlift springs in the rear (to which a note was added “superlifts suck”). A homebuild snorkle was added, it was hardplumbed with 2 inch pipe.

With the new lift, the truck’s front driveshaft would slip out when driving up even small bumps like curbs. So, a custom square driveshaft was built out of square tube stock.

Last change for the first round was new rims and tires. Still 33 inch tires, but on slick black steel wheels, with his pitbull/lab cross posing with the truck.

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