Tesla Model S bug out vehicle?

In honor of Veterans Day, Tesla released a camouflage Model S sedan. The vehicle was customized by SS Customs, and outfitted with some goodies that would help in a SHTF situation.

Granted, this isn’t really a bug out vehicle, but I love the camo wrap with the (I think) fake rivets along the panel edges. Perhaps it’s time to have a conversation about the usability of an electric vehicle in a bug out situation? Range is limited, but can be recharged/driven again with solar. Makes for an interesting idea if you bugout to a location, recharge with solar panels for a week or two, then continue on…

The roof basket is a Yakima roof basket mounted to the Tesla with Whispbars.

The vinyl graphics were hand-cut/hand applied and the wheels are one-off powder coated stock Model S 21″ wheels.

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