Stealth Camper Project

The search started long ago, for a vehicle that fit all of his needs perfectly, and after 2 years of searching, a vehicle was decided on. The project vehicle would be an IVECO 50C13. It’s a European van with a 2.8 liter turbo diesel engine. A 2002 model year was purchased, which has a front axle load rating of 1900 kg and a rear axle load rating of 3900 kg on dual wheels. The cargo area is 4.5 meters long and 1900 mm high! With it, the stealth camper project was born.

The first step in building the camped van was to insulate it – that will keep the heat in, keep the cold out, and keep condensation from forming. After considering several methods of insulation, it was decided that spray foam was the way to go.

This is what the inside of the stealth camper van looked like when it was purchased:

And after wood paneling was removed, the spray foam was applied to the bare metal walls and doors

The plans for this stealth camper build call for it to be able to self contained and capable of supporting 1 man for 1 week. That means water, and lots of it. Water for drinking and washing, and a tank to store grey water before it can be disposed of properly. Drawings were sent, and soon a fresh water tank and waste water tank showed up in the mail.

Here is the waste water tank in place, tucked under the side of the van and just above the exhaust pipe.

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