Mr. Leary’s 3rd gen 4runner

Starting with a basically stock 1999 4Runner SR5, it wasn’t long and stock parts were being taken off, and rugged offroad accessories were put in their place. From the RRO super sliders to the ARB front bumper, some of these parts are straight from off road manufacturers. And then there’s the rear storage boxes, and custom rear swing out tire carried that were built from scratch to fulfill the builder’s specific needs.

As most offroaders know, with more modifications, comes greater risk. With a lifted offroad capable vehicle, and a snorkel, your confidence can rise so high it can get you into trouble.

The bypass was tight and in a moment of questionable judgement, I decided to try to plow on through the mud hole. I didn’t walk it first… if I had, I would have got a running start at it… and now my truck has “the funk!”

1999 4runner stuck in mud hole past the axles

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