Transform Your Van with DIY Murphy Bed & Closet

Jess and Sean showcase their DIY van transformation, including a Murphy bed, closet, composting toilet, and recycled wood accents. They discuss their decision to downsize and live on the road, citing the freedom to travel and discover new places, as well as the sense of community they have found along the way.

Clever Camper Van: Bed, Office & Tesla Power!

Elliot gives a tour of his camper van which features a large sink, projector, magnetic locks for cabinets, and a custom lighting system. The van runs on a Tesla power system, which includes a fridge and freezer that can last up to three weeks without needing to go grocery shopping. The camper van is perfect for two people and a dog, and Elliot has added several convenient features, including a pee funnel for emergencies and a shower hose that can be attached to the back of the van.

Solo Female Budget Tiny House Allows Business Growth

In this YouTube video, solo female entrepreneur Candice Love shares how her budget tiny house on wheels has allowed her business to grow. She gives a tour of her camper van, named Papa J after her grandfather and cousin, and shows how she designed her kitchen to fit her needs and avoid unnecessary expenses. Candice also explains how she saved money on electrical, using a power station and affordable lights with a remote control feature. Watch the video to see how Candice and her German Shepherd Cleo are living their van life while pursuing their dreams on the road.