Transforming an Ambulance into an Expedition Camper

See the incredible journey of turning an ambulance into a fully-functional living space for expeditions. From installing solar panels to creating a kitchen and sleeping area, watch as this innovative project comes to life.

Inside a Cozy Ambulance-Turned-Tiny-Home!

The ambulance is a 2001 Ford E-450 with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. Danielle shows the outdoor storage, 20-gallon water tank, pump, tankless hot water heater, and propane for the heater. She also gives a tour of the interior, showing the bed, couch, closet, shower, speakers, and kitchen with a large fridge and freezer. Danielle also explains the benefits of living in an ambulance.

Ambulance Transformed into Cozy Tiny Home

Grant shows off the incredible conversion of an old ambulance into a fully functional and stylish living space. He takes us through the kitchen, living area, storage, and even the exterior storage. The ambulance still has all the original wiring and mechanics, but they have been cleverly repurposed into a comfortable and inviting home on wheels. Grant did the entire conversion himself, relying on inspiration from the tiny home and van life community he follows online.

Budget-Friendly DIY 4×4 Ambulance Build

Ben Harris, the owner of a 1995 F-350 four-wheel drive ambulance, converted it into his tiny home. The space inside is full of creative DIY modifications that are budget-friendly. From the closet space to the kitchen, Harris repurposed the ambulance’s cabinets to look less medical and more homey. The vehicle has cedar-lined shelves, a sink that doubles as a shower, and lots of storage underneath the bed. The ambulance lights were replaced with power-saving LED lights. The space inside is functional and perfect for someone who loves traveling.

Creating Your Dream Overlanding Home on Wheels

A couple shows us how they created their dream overlanding home on wheels by converting an ambulance into a camper. They took out the original cabinets to add a window for more natural light and put in a queen-sized bed that doesn’t need to be put up and down. They added a propane stove, a big sink, and a Dometic fridge to make it feel like a regular home. The ambulance is well-insulated for cold weather and has a shower and cassette toilet. The couple also added swivel seats for comfortable lounging.