Po mans Toy Hauler Project

Built from a UHaul truck, this Kralwer Hauler is a budget toy hauler that can carry a full size jeep out of the elements.
Interior with fridge, air conditioner, microwave and sink. And of course, a DVD player.
Interior photo of this home built toy hauler showing the lounge area, with enough space for a cot if more sleeping space is needed.
Interior shot of the UHaul Toy Hauler showing the sink, counter, water heater, and the indoor workbench.
The interior living space was made as large as possible, so the bifold doors need to be open in order for the Jeep crawler to fit in the back of the UHaul Toy Hauler
This shot shows the full length of the inside of the UHaul Motorhome conversion. The BiFold doors are open, which is necessary to fit the Jeep Crawler into the rear of the UHaul.
Attached to the side of the UHaul when set up at camp, this home made Toy Hauler has an outdoor shower complete with hot and cold water!
Po Mans Toy Hauler cab with backup camera
Po Mans Toy Hauler Redneck Vacations Decal
Po Mans Toy Hauler loading Jeep Crawler
Po mans Toy Hauler loaded and unfinished
This unfinished picture of the Krawler Hauler shows the large storage space in the Mom's Attic space above the cab.
Everything is strapped into place in this home built toy hauler ready to hit the road.
Po Mans Toy Hauler attic sleep area
The Uhaul converted to a toy hauler gets a brush guard stinger added to it to blend in with the crawlers when parked in the desert!
A 15 foot awning and some custom graphics put the finishing touches on this home built Toy Hauler
Po Mans Toy Hauler Outdoor shower base
Po Mans Toy Hauler with 2 Toys
Po Mans Toy Hauler loaded with a Jeep on a trailer
With barbecue mounted and awning deployed, this home made toy hauler Uhaul conversion is ready for a fun weekend.
To install the tiny tach, you just need a clean spot on the fuel injector line to connect the sensor.
The Tiny Tach was installed in the Krawler Hauler to keep better tabs on the 7.3 International diesel engine.
Mounting a frame rail truck box udner the side of the Krawler Hauler gives some lockable outdoor storage.
Details of the plumbing setup in the Po Mans Toy Hauler UHaul conversion
Po mans Toy Hauler Plumbing details
Po Mans Toy Hauler converted to haul lowered vehicles
Po Mans Toy Hauler converted to haul lowered vehicles like this Solo Vee racer
Po Mans Toy Hauler converted to haul lowered vehicles like this Solo Vee racer
A winch was added inside that could be used to haul damaged vehicles up into the Po Man's Krawler Hauler
Build Thread Disclaimer: While this build thread was summarized in our own words, it contains content and images from a forum build thread.

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