Po mans Toy Hauler Project

In order to keep better tabs on the engine and try and increase fuel economy, a Tiny Tach was installed. It took less than 30 minutes to install. First, clean a spot on the fuel injector line and attach the sensor and ground. Next, connect power, and then install it in the dash.

For storage, an under frame truck box was mounted under the side of the UHaul RV conversion next to the door. The aluminum had to be cut for the box to fit, but it’s merely cosmetic aluminum to give the side a nice smooth look.

With some longer ramps outside and inside to get up on the wheel wells, the Krawler Hauler can be used to haul low clearance vehicles like a Solo Vee!

Just in case a vehicle is disabled on the trail or the track, the bottom of the workbench was cut to allow space for a 3000 pound winch with a wireless remote control.

In 2009 the Krawler Hauler was sold to a fellow offroader who showed up in a built TJ, drove it in the back, and drove the Krawler Hauler away.

Funny enough, a UHaul blog picked up the build thread and featured the Krawler Hauler on its website

Build Thread Disclaimer: While this build thread was summarized in our own words, it contains content and images from a forum build thread.

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