Po mans Toy Hauler Project

Here are a couple of pictures of the Jeep being loaded into Po Mans Toy Hauler. The ramps can be that short because of the air ride suspension in the UHaul that lowers the box down 4 inches for loading and unloading. Simply push a button on the dash and the back end drops 4 inches.

This picture is taken from inside the UHaul Toy Hauler before the divider wall and rest of the interior was completed.

The UHaul box’s door opening width is 7 feet 3 inches, and inside its total width is 7 feet and 7 inches, just wide enough to open the door on the Jeep and get out inside the Toy Hauler.

The truck was a 26 foot UHaul box. This early shot shows looking from the rear towards the work bench. Behind and above the air bench is where an air bed is. With a cargo net strung across to keep things from falling, there is tons of space to store stuff up there during transport or in camp.

They later added 1 inch foam insulation between all the aluminum stringers on the ceiling to help insulate against the Florida heat.

While there is no full bathroom in this Toterhome, there are plans for it down the road if necessary. Right now a Porta-potti does the job.

Here’s another picture of the interior, this time it’s finished, and you can see everything is strapped in place ready for the next road trip. The air conditioner unit is a portable household unit that needs to be vented to the outside. Venting is done through a lockable screened hatch cut into the side.

The front area fits a large air mattress, and a cargo net holds extra bags etc in place during transport.

For looks, and after a Jeep Crawler modification gone wrong, the Krawler Hauler ended up with a brush gaurd!

Fuel economy in the completed Krawler Hauler is around 10.5 MPG, and it drives about the same whether or not the Jeep is loaded in the UHaul’s box.

With an additional Jeep on a trailer out back, fuel mileage is closer to 9 MPG at 65-70 mph.

In June 2006, the Krawler Hauler was officially completed.

With the addition of some custom graphics and a 15 foot awning, the UHaul is now an RV.

I had to go to the DMV licensing office to get my registration and Tags. The clerk walked out to the truck and looked to see if it had a water hook up and AC hook up. She did not look inside, just at the actual hook ups on the side. I did put an airbed on the cab over section and a sink/cabinet installed before I went down there.. just in case. MUCH cheaper insurance and tags being a “motor coach.”

Loaded up with both crawlers ready for the trip!

Set up in camp, there’s even a spot to mount a small barbecue underneath the awning.

As with most projects, it wasn’t long and the completed Krawler Hauler went back under the knife for more updates.

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