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I’m on the search for an expedition vehicle that can do mild 4×4 trails, or travel on snowy roads, sandy beaches, without concern for getting stuck. It needs to be Read more

Creek's CUCV bug out vehicle build
Creek's bug out vehicle with blackout switches
Military Surplus Bug Out Vehicle

Over at Hillow Haven Outdoor, Creek has had several Bug Out Vehicles over the years. In mid 2013, he decided to start a new bug-out vehicle. Funny enough, he used Read more

Red 2004 Tacoma XtraCab V6 4wd with both the TRD and SR5 packages – it was a very rare truck, and the owner drove from Oklahoma to Southern California just Read more

2002 Stealth Camper Van after spray foam applied to interior walls
2002 Stealth Camper Van waste water tank installed
2002 Stealth Camper Van showing the waste water tank under the van with the outlet valve

The search started long ago, for a vehicle that fit all of his needs perfectly, and after 2 years of searching, a vehicle was decided on. The project vehicle would Read more

Starting in 2006, Flyingwil started building up a 2001 Toyota Tacmoa Double Cab 4×4 TRD. Modifications include: 3″ Rev Tek Lift* Removed and Replaced Deaver 10 Pack Leaf Springs AllPro Read more

The Doc has been a long time fan of Toyota trucks and 4runners since a used 1979 Toyota Hilux 3/4 ton long bed truck. After that, he moved on to Read more

Year: 2001 Make: Toyota Model: Tacoma Xtra-Cab SR5 TRD Engine: 3.4L, V6 Trans: 5speed T-Case: Stock Suspension: Front- ICON coilovers, Timbren bumpstops Rear- Chevy 63″ springs, Bilstein 5125 10″ shocks, Read more

After driving a Tacoma with a long list of mods, OldSven decided to change to a 4runner. As luck would have it, selling the Tacoma with all the mods, and Read more

Ru55ell had an 86 4runner he had dubbed Blue Ox. It was getting old and he wanted to upgrade, so he purchased a 2005 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4×4 and Read more

1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer rotted floorboards removed
1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer heavy duty bumper removed
1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer original lights and reflectors

Starting life as an old truck bed, Mr. Leary patiently converted this old trailer into a camping trailer. Mr. Leary got impatient waiting for a military trailer, so he just Read more