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Creek's CUCV bug out vehicle build
Creek's bug out vehicle with blackout switches
Military Surplus Bug Out Vehicle

Over at Hillow Haven Outdoor, Creek has had several Bug Out Vehicles over the years. In mid 2013, he decided to start a new bug-out vehicle. Funny enough, he used Read more

2002 Stealth Camper Van after spray foam applied to interior walls
2002 Stealth Camper Van waste water tank installed
2002 Stealth Camper Van showing the waste water tank under the van with the outlet valve

The search started long ago, for a vehicle that fit all of his needs perfectly, and after 2 years of searching, a vehicle was decided on. The project vehicle would Read more

1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer rotted floorboards removed
1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer heavy duty bumper removed
1940 Chevrolet Expedition Trailer original lights and reflectors

Starting life as an old truck bed, Mr. Leary patiently converted this old trailer into a camping trailer. Mr. Leary got impatient waiting for a military trailer, so he just Read more

GMC CubeVan Stealth Camper pass through to cab
GMC CubeVan Stealth Camper interior
GMC CubeVan Stealth Camper storage

This build filled its purposes. The design requirements for a stealth camper were: something cheap and easy to maintain simple and cheap to purchase and customize able to slip in Read more

X-UHaul Toy Hauler divider wall
X-UHaul Toy Hauler gets wired up
X-UHaul divider wall from living side

Starting with a 17 foot ex-UHaul box truck build on an E-350 chassis, this toy hauler conversion is minimal and quick. The first step was to get rid of the Read more

Po Mans Toy Hauler Interior Living Quarters
Po Mans Toy Hauler seating area
Po Mans Toy Hauler kitchen area with work bench

This low budget toy hauler project was built by a father and son. It started life as a 7.3 liter diesel U-Haul truck. It isn’t fancy, but functional and has Read more

85 Toyota 4x4 with 33 inch tires and rear lift shackles
1985 Toyota 4x4 truck with 3 inch front lift 4 inch rear lift
Toyota Truck 4wd custom square front driveshaft

Pirate4x4 user ‘toyboat’ featured his build of a 1985 Toyota extended cab pickup truck. In late 2005, he purchased the truck for $2000, and started posting his buildup thread. On Read more